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Bauma 2019

Thank you for your visit on BAUMA 2019 at Munich.

Company outing to Kobit at Jicin

On 22.03.2019 we visited the company Kobit in Jicin. When visiting the production sites of sweepers and fire engines, we saw a lot of new and interesting things.

We ended our company outing with a visit to the Pilsen Urquell brewery in Pilsen.


Cleaner N15 cleans the german embassy at Tokyo

Our cleaners on technical fair in Fukushima / Japan

Our importer for Japan, company Yanokuchi, Tokyo presented the Cleaner N20 and N30 to a great public. Mr Yanokuchi and his team gave many interested clients detailed and professional advice. We are pleased about successful deals.


Cleaner N30 on Ladog at Fukushima

Our Cleaner N30 with its high perfomance Dreh-Jet-System will clean the contaminate streets at Fukushima.

Cleaner N30 on Ladog arrives at Fukushima

Our cleaner N30 arrived at Japan last days. At the photo it is leaving the sea container. 

Oil trail removal with high perfomance sweepers

Montag 20. September 2010

Certification for oil trail removal and cleaning on traffic areas - DEKRA-certification Nr. 205-1809505598/100 for our sweepers K7, K8 and K10

High pressure rotation cleaning with our new water high pressure cleaning system


4 rotation jets each with 4 nozzles, rotation speed 1000 revolutions per min, hydraulic drive,

water pressure 200 bar, working width 2.400 mm, direct suction with high performance suction power, best cleaning result, dries very quickly.

wed killing brush on both sides


easy working on left and right side,

compact intalled at the vehicle, maximally ground clearance

KOBIT K10, enormous and high perfomance


11 cbm. waste tank, 5.000 Liter fresh water, 200 bar high pressure

Manoeuvrable suck shaft


Many advantages for you!

  • extremly reach for sweeping beside the truck
  • take up of milling material outside the truck track
  • total sweeping width 2.900 mm
  • unproblematic sweeping of parking areas

 Retrovitable for sweepers of many manufacturers!